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If you are going to have a party for whatever reason, you will need a DJ. Fortunately, there are hundreds of them located throughout the United Kingdom, but choosing a good one is difficult. With modern technology as it is, almost anyone with an iPod or a laptop can pretend to be a “DJ”, but if they can really dance a party is something totally different.

There is a lot of pressure on the host of a party to ensure that your guests have a good time, and this is often determined by the quality of the DJ. This article will provide you with some simple tips on how to choose the right DJ so you can relax and spend a great night with all your guests.

1) Listen to them playing: either on a CD or live in person, always try and listen to a DJ work before agreeing to hire them. Try and make sure that the music you hear is from a party similar to yours. That is to say. If you have a party number 21, do not listen to a DJ set since the 70th!

2) Music selection: if you are a fan of a particular genre, always verify that the DJ has some of your favorite songs. With the ability to store so much music on laptops, etc., this should not be a problem, but it’s worth checking.

3) Lighting – Check that the DJ has access to a lighting system and determine if this is included in the price from the beginning.

4) Reviews – If the DJ allows, contact your previous clients and request comments. Listening firsthand to how the DJ behaves is one of the best ways to discover how they really are.

5) Get a contract: always have a contract with a DJ so that both of you know exactly how much time you are expected to play and how much you will be paid for this.

Although these tips seem simple, if they are followed, you should be able to make sure you hire a great DJ and have a party to remember.

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