Party planning ideas for children

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Take at least a month to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the party.

Start planning early and select the date and time of the party, avoiding holidays or school vacations. Parties for children usually last about 2 hours.

Next, you and the honest person should make a guest list so you can determine how many children will attend. A practical rule for birthday parties is: 1 guest per year of age, up to 10 years. In other words, have 5 children for a 5th birthday party. Some people like to invite the whole class to avoid getting hurt. You would probably only do this if you were having the party in a rented facility. Make sure there are enough adults available to supervise. The smaller the children are, the greater the proportion.

To be really organized, include the telephone contact of each participant, the RSVP verification mark once you confirm that you are attending and, finally, a gift column where you can enter the type of gift you received. Then, you can thank them individually with a thank you card or a note after the party. A good idea is to take a picture of the child’s birthday with each guest, to include it with the thank-you note afterwards.

Theme parties create a fun atmosphere so that the host of the party can decide which theme best reflects the atmosphere of the event. The themes of the parties can be created around television characters, movies, magazines or books. You can also create a party theme related to seasonal vacations or travel destinations. I will explore new and exciting themes for parties in a future article.

Younger children always enjoy a theme of Barney or Dora the Explorer. Party games, especially those with small prizes, can make the party more fun. Try to make sure everyone wins a little, so that each child goes home feeling happy.

Your event may also require an animator, so be sure to reserve it early to avoid disappointment.

When the event ends, your child can distribute the favors of the party or “loot bags” and thank each guest for coming. These party favors need not be elaborated, but simply reflect the theme of the day. They can even be handmade items during the party. Dollar stores are excellent sources for items from loot bags. Look for colorful bags or mesh bags to store the booty. For older children, a beautiful object can be better appreciated: a T-shirt, a sports ball or a $ 5 gift card.

Parties for children are very fun and allow your child to celebrate with friends and family creating a lasting memory. Advanced preparation and planning will help ensure a successful event and a happy child. Make sure you take many pictures: before you know it, they will plan parties for their own children.


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