How to organize an outdoor disco

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Summer is a season in which you should spend as much time as possible outdoors. This could be running in the morning, picnicking at lunchtime, barbecuing at night or partying at the outdoor nightclubs. Does the latter sound tempting?

Unfortunately, it is not common to find official outdoor discos, since the councils are not very interested in the “contamination” of the noise that arises during the night. But if you own land outside the city, or have contacts that do, you are ordered to a place where you can host your own outdoor disco.

Things to keep in mind

Spreading the word through social networks can generate many unexpected guests. If possible, comply with word of mouth and make sure your friends do not bring more than two or three other people with you.

As a host, try to keep your head clear and, of course, stay sober throughout the night. This should not stop you from having a good time! And it will guarantee that you and your guests are safe. Always have a first aid kit and water on hand if someone exaggerates with the party.

Just in case, prepare something to tell the council or the police if there are complaints. This is the reason why outdoor parties should not stay in residential areas.


If you have invited only a small group of friends, you can exit with music playback from a laptop or Hi-Fi with speakers. However, if you are waiting for a large audience, you will appreciate an appropriate sound system, as well as DJs, and probably even expect it.

Given the frequency with which the weather reports seem to be wrong, you should always plan for the worst. Be sure to provide some kind of shelter not only for your electrical equipment but also for your party animals.

Rent a marquee with or without a dance floor, depending on the terrain in the outdoor area you choose. He spread this with fairy and disco lights, as well as flowers for a summer feeling.

If you do not have access to the local power grid, rent a power generator for all your equipment. To fund all your rentals, ask your guests to contribute a few pounds each.

To make your life easier, do not establish a paying bar, just ask everyone to bring their own drinks. Bars require licenses, and these can be difficult to acquire.
If your disk is not located next to a house with a bathroom, consider renting a portable toilet.

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